Integraal: de speech van Jackie Cook

Lees hieronder de integrale speech van Jackie Cook (Verenigd Koninkrijk) die ze gaf tijdens de lancering van ‘Vrouwen Tegen Islamisering’.

In 1928 all women over 21 in the UK gained emancipation with the granting of the vote – since then the left wing has championed the cause of equal rights for women.
My own Grandmother on my fathers side was one such person – working in the local munitions factory producing shells during the first great war Alice Kell and other women in the factory formed a football team – Dick Kerrs ladies, playing initially in the North of England but also across Europe. The team become the unofficial England Ladies team. My grandmother was the captain – at all the matches played money was raised for local charities and in 1921 during the miners lock out raised money to help families. They played various international games, beating france 2 – nil at Wembley.

The matches attracted many thousands of supporters, with a local derby in Liverpool attracting 53,000 spectators and the gate money going to help unemployed ex-servicemen.  The decision to raise money for striking miners was, however, the final straw the women were becoming political and needed to be stopped. The Football Association decided that the women were becoming too strong a force and their association with the labour movement not in their best interests. The FA imposed almost impossible sanctions on their playing by refusing them entry to any FA ground, their popularity waned and with it their fund raising efforts.

The second world war further gave women more access to training, employment and opportunity. The swinging sixties and the advent of the contraceptive pill gave women sexual freedom – but still this was not enough for the left.

In the recent past we have seen women only lists for elected positions, industry being forced to employ women on a quota basis and constant complaints in the press about women being un-able to break through the glass ceiling and that they are persecuted because they take time off for children.

Nursery provision, credits to send our babies away to be cared for by unknown people are offered as enticements for women to leave their children at an early age and get back into the workplace. The press record just how soon celebrities can get back to work following child birth – forgetting to mention all the help they have, real women are made to feel unworthy and failing.

Women who wish to stay at home are somehow seen as failing – and are to be pitied?, unless your husband dictates as in Islam.

So why in this so called age of enlightenment towards women do we see the re-emergence of repression of women?

Yet Islam is the fastest growing religion – 100,000 alone have converted in Britain, the average convert is a 27 year old white women. They identify alcohol and drunkenness, a ‘lack of morality and sexual permissiveness’, and ‘unrestrained consumerism’ as their main reasons for conversion.
But behind such rationalisations, it seems to me that there lies a darker set of reasons. Quite simply, women who are únbelievers´ but who live in or near Islamic ghettoes experience constant intimidation and threats. The pressure ranges from angry looks through name calling all the way up to abduction and gang rape. As a result, conversion must seem to be the safe option.
The state education system and media outlets such as the BBC also play a major role, since they constantly portray Islam as kind, loving and compassionate.

Whatever the reason, in the UK today we have more and more Muslim women – with of immigrant descent or converts – wearing the veil, the burka and the niqarb. All forms of ’traditional’ dress designed to ensure the women do not entice or beguile men into a heightened state of desire.

Advertising boards have been defaced with paint where the image is felt to be offensive by Muslims – areas have been declared as being under the control of  Sharia law, and as such women must be appropriately dressed, covered from head to foot, there have been reported cases of women being violently attacked for not complying.

More than one in four accepted there was a ‘natural conflict’ between being a devout Muslim and living in the UK. Nine out of ten women converts said their change of religion had led to them dressing more conservatively. More than half started wearing a head scarf and 5 per cent had worn the burka.
Islam is a repressive religion – women are seen as belonging first to their fathers and then to their husbands – so little worth do women have that their husbands can have up to 4 wives. I know my own husband can only cope with me – what would he do with 3 more?

We have seen a raise in so called ‘selective abortion’ – a practice whereby female foetus’s are aborted purely for being female. Although out-lawed in the UK and many maternity units refusing to tell of the sex of a child private clinics are all too willing arrange both the scan and if necessary abortion. Research conducted by Oxford academics in 2007 showed that this had significantly risen between 1969 and 2005.
There is also a major problem with so-called ‘honour killings’ by Muslim families of girls and women who are deemed to have disgraced their families through un-Islamic behaviour.

How does the growth of Islam impact on European women? – in many ways. We have the UK police force having designed a headscarf that is acceptable to the imams as uniform. Not yet compulsory for all women to wear, but what I ask is wrong with the normal hat worn. It serves only to differentiate the religion of the wearer.

And yet a simple crucifix on a chain is deemed by the very same police force as likely to give offence and must not been worn during work – even under clothes in case it becomes visible and gives offence.

To me the great offence is the cover up by the police and authorities of the scandal of Muslin paedophile sexual grooming of the girls of other communities – principally ours. If women have little value in the Islamic faith then non-believers have even less. Quoted in The Times newspaper a representative of the Muslin Youth Foundation said that…’white girls have fewer morals and are less valuable than our girls’.

As a result, thousands of vulnerable girls, some as young as eleven, are subjected to a living hell of abuse, drug addiction and multiple gang rape.

Currently in Liverpool in court there are 47 men described as mainly working in the fast food industry or taxi drivers – politically correct newspapers will not describe them as Asian Muslim men – are charged with rape, and unlawful sex with under age girls. Even sadder is that several of the charges in this case had been previously dismissed by the police force as of little consequence.

Charities working on behalf of grooming victims confirm that, in the case of on-street grooming by gangs, the general taboo about all forms of sexual exploitation is exacerbated by the politically sensitive fact that this particular crime is associated predominantly with the Pakistani, Muslim community and committed primarily against young white girls. Girls from other communities, including Sikhs, Hindus and West Indians are also targeted – the only group which is not are Muslim girls.

After years of inaction, the police do now finally appear to be trying to get to grips with the grooming scandal. A wave of arrests followed the decision of a senior West Midlands police officer to speak out and call for action. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards described the problem as a ’tidal wave of abuse’ and warned that “these girls are being passed around and used as meat.”

Even now, however, the police insist on describing the problem as being based on ethnicity. Yet Pakistani Christian refugees in Britain are not involved in these crimes. Whether the perpetrators are Pakistani, Somali, Albanians or Kurds, the common denominator is always Islam. To understand why, it is only necessary to read the Koran and the Hadiths.

I began by describing how people like my grandmother in the 1920’s on the left of the political spectrum right up to the 1970’s  who championed the cause for women – but where are they now? In the 1980’s and 90’s women were told you´ve never had it so good but now in 2012 they have turned their backs on European women and now fight only for the right choose in abortion, gay rights, overseas arranged marriages and the rights of immigrants.

But since the left has lost its voice, someone else must speak out for the women of Europe. Now is the time for Nationalists to work closer together to support women and to raise public awareness of the increasing dangers of Islam to our way of lives and for the future of all our children. We must be prepared to stand up and be counted.