Louboutin quarrel goes international


The fact that Vlaams Belang senator Anke Van dermeersch used the renowned and coveted Louboutin shoes “without permission” for a quastionable campaign, did not escape the attention of the international press. “Christian Louboutin has won a case against a Flemish far-right group which used its red-soled shoes without permission in its campaign imagery”, the British newspaper The Telegraph writes.

“The poster promoted by the campaign group “Women against Islamisation” showed the legs of Anke Van dermeersch, a former Miss Belgium and now a lawmaker for the far-right Vlaams Belang, the Flemish nationalist party that seeks to split Flanders from Belgium. Women are subdivided in categories ranging from ‘Sharia conform’ to ‘stoning’.” Vogue UK asked Van dermeersch for an explanation: “Apparently, not only Islam is intolerant” she scoffed. “A court ruling on what politicians may wear, creates a surreal precedent. Apart from the absurd argument about reputational damage, there is no juridical basis for such a dress code at all.”

From: De Morgen (17/10/2013)

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