Speech London – Islam kills women

Supporting Anne Marie Waters’ summer of campaigning
Against Islamic immigration and
its impact on women’s rights in Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear Friends,


My name is Anke Van dermeersch. I’m a Belgian Senator.
I’m here today with Filip Dewinter, a Belgian member of parliament, specialized in Islam counter terrorism and a dozen of ladies of the international organization Women Against Islamization. (WomenAgainstIslamization.org) which I preside.
We are here to endorse Anne Marie Waters and her summer of campaigning against Islamic immigration and its impact on women’s rights in Europe.

Today we are here with you to testify about what is happening in the mainland of Europe, in my country across the Channel and in the capital of Europe, Brussels.
We are here today because we want to fight for the future of the next generations of Europeans, our children and grandchildren.
We are here today to defend women’s rights and our beautiful Western culture.
We are here today because we, western women, are under attack; The barbaric attack of the Islam. This is deeply troubling.
Women are after all the first victims of the growing Islamization of Europe.
We need to stop the immigration invasion, to stop importing Islam, to stop importing Islamic misogyny.

As a politician and Senator it’s my job, even my duty to warn for the misogyny of Islam: Allah does not love women!
Islam propagates hatred.
Hatred against infidels against other religions and societies, but also hatred against women, which are considered to be inferior.
Islam kills women. Islam kills women, not only in Islamic countries, but also in Europe.

The symbol of this inferiority is the headscarf, the striking symbol of oppression.
The textile coffin of the burqa but also the simple veil are both identically, only the number of centimeters textile distinguishes them from each other.
The headscarf is like the rattle of the lepers and the star of the Jews for women.
That is why I was the first elected representative in Europe to advocate a general burqa ban.
I’m proud to be the original architect of this prohibition.
Meanwhile the burqa ban is already introduced in the legislations of Belgium, France, Switzerland and many other European countries.
The burqa, the Koran and the Sharia are completely at odds with our social principle of equality between men and women and so hard-won emancipation.
I refuse to excuse the inexcusable crimes against women that the Islam propagates in the Koran and the Sharia.
I refuse to be oppressed by any one, Muslim or not!

To be domestic slaves, that is the only role that is reserved in the Islamic world, for women.
Islam compels women to choose either to be whore or to be slave. But I am not I will not be seen as one of those two.
I am a woman and I shall be treated with respect and not as commodity.
As a woman, I want to marry for love and will not be forced into a marriage.
We, Western women, love our children, protect and educate them. We are not production machine for jihadists.
As a woman, I want to enjoy every facet of being a woman, without being condemned. Women are sexually autonomous. We choose, we decide. We are not commodities and our value does not depend on our virginity.
If Muslim men want to see and treat women as disposables, they better buy an inflatable doll!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Did you notice that feminists no longer fight for women’s rights?
Why do feminist no longer fight for basic Human rights?
Why don’t leftist feminists fight for their so beloved Muslim women?
Because defending women against barbarism of the Islam and sharia is nowadays called racism.
Anti-racism laws and multiculturalism has to keep us from saying out load the truth about the thread Islam poses to us: Crimes against girls and women, such as grooming, sexual harassment, assaults and rapes.

Unfortunately still a majority of people do not wish to see inconvenient truth, the thread Muslim man pose to European women.
What is happening now in Islamic State, Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi-Arabia, actually the whole Middle East is happening already in our European countries and will get worse if we don’t abolish Islam.
The traditional Western politicians have already the blood of so many women and young girls on their hands.
The fact that you are here today, supporting our fight against this subtle Islam terror against women makes me very proud of you.
We, you and me, are fighting for our children!
Therefore, we are fighting against multiculturalism,
Against today’s pan-European asylum policy,
Against mass immigration
And especially against the Islamization of our Western world.
One warned woman is worth two!

Anke Van dermeersch

PRESS MESSAGE – Ramadan does not belong here: Cities Against Islamization is starting a ‘100% haram’ sticker campaign with a pig as a symbol

Filip Dewinter: “Giving in to Ramadan tradition leads to the Islamization of our culture.”
Persbericht - De ramadan hoort hier niet thuis (bijlage) (SvR)
From June 18th (Thursday) to July 17th (Friday) Ramadan is taking place, the fasting month of Muslims. Between sunrise and sunset, Muslims don’t eat, drink or have sex. The end is celebrated with Eid Ul-fitr (‘sugar party’). Ramadan is an annual period of even more jihad attacks worldwide than usual (seehttp://www.thereligionofpeace.com).

It is also generally known, especially by the police, that due to a lack of nutrients the short wicks of many young Muslims during Ramadan are even shorter. Muslim districts are also extra flammable. Areas where there are mosques are, with or without Muslim ‘stewards’, places of nuisance.

We remember that during Ramadan there even are cowardly government guidelines ‘not to provoke’ in Muslim neighborhoods, i.e. it’s better for you not to eat or drink there in public. Not to mention the many halal measures taken for the over-represented Muslim detainees in our prisons.

Moreover, there is also the annually recurring phenomenon of employers and schools that (have to) give in to the Ramadan whims of Muslims who underperform or simply not show up. There is also the advocacy of Islam loving multiculturalists to make Muslim holidays official holidays. The city of Hamburg in Germany already decided to officially recognize Muslim holidays.

‘Islamization’ is the evolution when more and more facets of our society or culture are influenced and dominated by the laws and traditions of Islam. In combination with the obsessive media attention for Islamic traditions such as Ramadan, all concessions and capitulations summed up above are leading to what Pim Fortuyn aptly called the ‘Islamization of our culture’ (1997).

Cities against Islamization (STI) is leading the resistance against the Islamization of our culture and will distribute 100 thousand ‘100% haram’ stickers with a pig as a symbol (see Annex) and some 100 posters across Flanders. STI is also announcing more actions concerning the upcoming ritual slaughter.

Louboutin quarrel goes international


The fact that Vlaams Belang senator Anke Van dermeersch used the renowned and coveted Louboutin shoes “without permission” for a quastionable campaign, did not escape the attention of the international press. “Christian Louboutin has won a case against a Flemish far-right group which used its red-soled shoes without permission in its campaign imagery”, the British newspaper The Telegraph writes.

“The poster promoted by the campaign group “Women against Islamisation” showed the legs of Anke Van dermeersch, a former Miss Belgium and now a lawmaker for the far-right Vlaams Belang, the Flemish nationalist party that seeks to split Flanders from Belgium. Women are subdivided in categories ranging from ‘Sharia conform’ to ‘stoning’.” Vogue UK asked Van dermeersch for an explanation: “Apparently, not only Islam is intolerant” she scoffed. “A court ruling on what politicians may wear, creates a surreal precedent. Apart from the absurd argument about reputational damage, there is no juridical basis for such a dress code at all.”

From: De Morgen (17/10/2013)

Lees hier de bijlage.

Women, Islam’s main victims

Islam is a violent, imperialistic and totalitarian ideology with a religious halo. Islamic doctrine is elaborated in the Quran and the Hadith, and is specified and determined by the Sharia. The Sharia is a complex of rules Islam imposes on both Muslims and non-Muslims: an inhumane and anti-Western justice system, characterized by barbarous prescriptions which conflict with the generally accepted tenets of European civilization. The Sharia is totally at odds with Western freedom, does not tolerate dissidence, calls for Jihad (war in the name of Allah against non-Muslims), provides for abhorrent corporal punishment and officializes the inequality between men and women.
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