Parents Murder Daughter Over “Westernized” Lifestyle

A witness just testified to seeing her 17-year-old sister murdered by their parents after a fight over the teen’s Western lifestyle.

Alesha Ahmed, now 22, recounted a horrific childhood scene where she saw her parents suffocate her sister, Shafilea Ahmed in 2003. The parents allegedly put their hands over their daughter’s face to close her airways while forcing a bag into her mouth.

“They both started hitting her. She was scared as usual,” Alesha recounted in between sobs. “I can’t remember which one grabbed a bag, just a plastic bag, which they put in her mouth and put their hands over her – both of them.”

“She was just gasping for air. She wet herself because she was struggling so much.” She recounted her final moments, “That was it, as if she was gone.”

The fight was a culmination of one year’s worth of arguments about their daughter’s non-traditional lifestyle where the parents believed their girl dishonored the family’s heritage by her Western attire and her boyfriends.


Shafilea’s body was found beside the River Kent in England in February 2004.