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VrouwenTegenIslamisering.org supports the secular revolution under the impulse of young girls, who oppose the headscarf obligation in Iran.VrouwenTegenIslamisering.org would like to stress that in 1975 the Islamic Republic of Iran ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and committed itself to complying with its provisions.

The current government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which gained control by non-democratic means during the 1979 revolution, has been systematically engaged in repression and human rights violations against its citizens for more than 40 years. Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran is also consistently guilty of supporting other non-democratic movements, regimes and their criminal activities.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a discriminatory policy towards women, which led to the detention of Mahsa Amini, because of her alleged inappropriate clothing, which led to her tragic death while in custody. This tragic event has led to widespread peaceful protests by Iranian citizens, calling for justice and repealing discriminatory laws against women.

Women Against Islamization strongly condemns the Iranian government’s response to protesting citizens, which manifests itself in disproportionate use of violence, restriction of internet access and other measures that violate the civil and political rights of the country’s population. This excessively violent response by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the protests has already led to the deaths of at least 76 people and the detention of hundreds of people and these numbers are increasing with each day of protests.

The reactions of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the ongoing protests in the country are completely unacceptable to Europeans and Western women in particular.

VrouwenTegenIslamisering.org therefore condemns the disproportionate use of force by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the killing of demonstrators and other acts that violate the civil and political rights of the people of the country in an attempt to suppress peaceful protests in the country.

VrouwenTegenIslamisering.org advocates for iranian women’s right to freedom of expression, not limited by discriminatory laws, and for legal equality between women and men.

We express our support for all Iranian citizens, who peacefully express their dissatisfaction with the policy of discrimination and violence.

Boycott Nike due to launch discriminatory #NikeProHijab-headscarf on International Women’s Day

Women Against Islamization (VTI) notes that precisely on womensday Nike launhes a hijab for Muslim women – the so-called #NikeProHijab.

VTI recalls that the headscarf is forced upon women by the Islam and that according to mainstream Islamic teachings and women are  inferior and responsible for the sexual morality of men. The headscarf is a symbol of the (sexual) discrimination against women. With tis Nike sports scarf the brand involves in the standardization and trivializing the headscarf. The headscarf is made ‘fashionable’, with the result that it will eventually becomes a fashion gadget and will be worn by non-Muslim women. As a result, the suppression of women is made acceptable. It is not because these headscarves may be worn voluntarily by some women, the misogynist symbolism disappears – which is, after all, formed by 14 centuries of Islamic theory and practice, under which many millions of women have greatly suffered and are still suffering today. Nike, as a popular sports brand, has a great social responsibility for people all over the world.

Nike abuses it’s popularity to make the inhumane headscarf mainstream and acceptable. In other words, Nike sells out women’s rights, and this on International Women’s Day!

VTI therefore calls for a boycott of Nike products. VTI has been pursuing for some time a campaign with the slogan ‘Headscarf? No pennies! “(See poster attached).

As part of this campaign VTI calls on people not to buy Nike products more and sticker and poster ‘Headscarf? No money! ‘