The alibi of multiple rapist Sunny Islam

During two months he spread terror throughout the British capital. His chief victims: women and young girls (the youngest was 15). He used to go out after dusk carrying a knife with which he threatened his unfortunate prey if need be. Though his ultimate goal was to manhandle and rape. He got caught after his fourth attempt. However, London police suspects him of having committed more similar crimes. Eventually, a judge sent him to prison for at least 11 years. Still this convict might have gotten of lightly, certainly when having a closer look at his arguments.


Religiously legitimized violation?


Sunny Islam is the telling name of the 23-year old rapist, who tried to vindicate his horrific misdeeds by stating all his female victims had just asked for it: “I have raped them to teach them a lesson. They simply should not go out at night.” The young Briton characterized himself as a pious and austere Muslim. What he actually did, is misusing his faith as an alibi for inhumane deeds. Fortunately, the judge disregarded this malicious reasoning.